Missions Statement

Reason for the Newsletter?

I want to start a Missions and Traveling Ministry again. For this I need prayer and sometimes finances. I have a german newsletter for quite a while now but since I am in contact with a lot of english speakers I would love to share with you as well every once in a while, how I am doing and what I am up for next. As for a good Ministry it is important to get prayer support and have people that know and care about you. Prayer is the main reason for the newsletter.

How does my life look like?

I live in Dresden since 2008 now. Besides my freelancing job I have several projects that I do for example the JesusComic or the BibleCartoon. Sometimes I make video productions for bands or festivals or DJ at a club. I have a good stand here in the artistic and underground scene, wich gives me nice contacts and opportunity to influence and learn from different kinds of people here. Every once in a while I move out from Dresden for a weekend or some weeks, to visit friends, Jesusfreaks meetings or do projects with groups like Steiger.

How will the ministry look like?

As Ministry I want to support different organizations, basically with my gift of video creation but also quite practical. I so far worked a lot with my church Jesusfreaks, with Steiger International, with Youth with a Mission, with EMO Wiesbaden and others. Since I did the Steiger Mission School this year the connection with Steiger will influence my work probably a lot in the next years and new exiting projects will come up.

How do I finance myself?

Since I am freelancing and DJing, I can finance my normal life with this and still have time to do my ministry well. For travel and flight coasts I want to build a network of supporters. If you want to be part of that I will be thankful. I will clearly show what coasts I have and how much I was able to raise in the Newsletter.

What will be in the newsletter?

I will write to you around once a month updating you with what I did, what I plan, how I am doing personally and other things. Most of the times there will be also some of the projects I am working on introduced or I will share some video projects just finished. Things like that.

How to get it?

If you are interested, please send me a Message with your e-Mail-Adress and I will put you in.

Greetings, Simeon